Interactive maps are updated daily automatically during regular business hours. Interactive maps can be customized by selecting the layers. The Geo View System Overview Manual in ETS support and online learning shows the maps options that are available. Please see tips for using maps for usage and the differences between interactive and PDF maps.

Interactive maps offer a download data tab. Formats include shapefiles (GIS format) or Drawing eXchange Format (DXF) the graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting). The download is a zip file.

Alberta Energy and Minerals has provided this information as a resource for industry and members of the public. Although extensive effort has been made to produce error free and complete data, all geographical information has limitations due to the scale, resolution, date and interpretation of the original source materials. Users are responsible for verifying the data prior to making decisions based on the mineral information provided on this website. Please use the information accordingly and respect the Copyright and Disclaimer Notice.

PNG and oil sands maps

The Petroleum and natural gas and oil sands interactive map provides information about Petroleum and Natural Gas and Oil Sands agreements.

Alberta oil sands leased areas. This map shows the total oil sands areas and percentage of the area under lease. 

Oil sands escalating rent areas A & B. This map shows where escalating rent area agreements are situated.

How to read a township map explains the Alberta Township Survey (ATS) gridlines in the PDF maps.

Minerals maps

The Metallic and industrial minerals interactive map shows the current dispositions or agreements, please note lands returned to the land bank will not be available for 30 days.

The Minerals of Alberta map a PDF from the Alberta Geological Survey, presents a current view of non-energy mineral resources in the province and the extents of prospective areas for the exploration of undiscovered resources.

Coal map

The coal interactive map shows current dispositions or agreements.

Ammonite Shell map

The ammonite shell interactive map shows current dispositions or agreements.

Geothermal map

The geothermal interactive map shows current dispositions or agreements.

Specialized maps

Interactive sales results map

The Sales results interactive map displays the most recent petroleum and natural gas and oil sands sale results. The map also provides information about existing petroleum and natural gas and oil sands agreements.

Interactive oil sands royalty projects map

This Oil sands royalty projects map replaced the Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects and Upgraders Map in PDF. The projects map is limited to oil sands royalty project information only.

Zone Designations (ZD) and Deeper Rights Reversion (DRRZD)

View the ZD and DRRZD map, ZDs and DRRZDs are used to describe mineral rights for agreements administration, see the ZD and DRRZD library for more information. 


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