Mediator and arbitrator rosters

See a roster of private sector mediators and arbitrators, and find out how to become part of the roster.


To assist municipalities in the mediation process, the Capacity Services team has developed a roster of private sector mediators and arbitrators with the assistance of representatives from the:

  • Alberta Municipalities
  • Rural Municipalities of Alberta
  • Local Government Administration Association
  • Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators' Association
  • ADR Institute of Alberta

The roster is not a certification of competency or a credentialing process. It is designed to provide municipalities with a list of mediators and arbitrators who have relevant training and experience and who have expressed an interest in intermunicipal mediation and / or arbitration.


In mediation, a mediator facilitates a discussion between 2 or more parties who need to resolve an issue. The mediator helps the parties communicate and negotiate more efficiently, and as a result, resolve their issue or come to a mutually agreeable solution. The mediation process seeks to develop solutions that satisfy the interests of all parties.


Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process in which a third party renders a decision after hearing evidence from all involved. The decision is binding on all parties.

Med / Arb Practitioners

Mediation / Arbitration (Med / Arb) is a process in which a third party starts the dispute resolution process using mediation to facilitate a discussion between 2 or more parties who need to resolve an issue. If the issue is not resolved through mediation, the same third party switches to an arbitration process to hear evidence and make a binding decision.

Mentoree program

The Intermunicipal Dispute Resolution Initiative is committed to fostering the development of mediation in Alberta.

Given the complexity of issues and the number of individuals involved in the process, the Capacity Services team strongly encourages 2-member mediation teams. Staff from the Capacity Services team coordinates a program to provide mediators who have completed relevant dispute resolution training but may have limited local government experience with opportunities to assist roster mediators and serve as part of the mediation team.

Mentoring assignments will be made in consultation with the municipalities and roster mediators involved.

Roster criteria

Mediators and arbitrators on the rosters are required to have:

  • subscribed to a code of ethics or conduct of a relevant professional association or society
  • completed the Mediation Certificate course of the ADR Institute of Alberta, and have a working knowledge of interest-based negotiation
  • documented mediation ability
  • documented knowledge of the Municipal Government Act
  • three references

On a case-by-case basis, provisions will be made to grandfather individuals who, by their past history within Alberta, have demonstrated an ability to assist local governments in resolving disputes.

The Advisory Committee, which consists of individuals representing the user groups, the service providers, and Alberta Municipal Affairs, evaluates applications to ensure mediators meet the above criteria. If selected, the mediator must submit an electronic copy of their resume which will be placed on the electronic roster.

Roster mediators and arbitrators are expected to serve as mentors to mentorees and will not receive extra remuneration for that service.

The Mediator Roster application process is presently closed.

Call for roster members

From time to time, Alberta Municipal Affairs we opens its the roster of private sector mediators, arbitrators and med / arb practitioners for its our municipal clients.

This initiative provides opportunities for municipalities to utilize use the services of mediators, arbitrators and med/arb practitioners to resolve intermunicipal disputes and those arising from Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) and Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs).

The steering committee comprised is composed of the:

  • Municipal Affairs
  • Alberta Municipalities
  • Rural Municipalities of Alberta
  • Local Government Administration Association
  • Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators' Association
  • Association of Summer Villages of Alberta
  • ADR Institute of Alberta


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