Legal procedures and assistance

Legal assistance, mediation, family law assistance, restraining orders, Alberta courts, and court procedures, notices, filings and appeals.

Services and information

  • Crown-led bail hearings, release of motor vehicle information and how to respond to legal applications or orders.
  • Alberta court locations, procedures and fees, and courtroom etiquette and jury duty.
  • Get a certificate of authentication to use your notarized document in other jurisdictions and countries.
  • Family court and mediation, family law kits, and how to respond to a Divorce Act or Family Law Act application.
  • Resolution and Court Administration Services (RCAS), law libraries and help with legal procedures, including mediation and court forms.
  • File an application or claim in court, make an appeal, serve a notice in a court application and waive a filing fee.
  • Get a restraining or protection order, and how to respond if you have been served an order.
  • Information about wills in Alberta, international wills, personal directives and deceased persons’ estates.