Learning clicks ambassador archive

These ambassadors shared their stories and experiences to motivate and inform Albertans about their education options after high school.

Alberta's invested in the future

Alberta ran this peer-developed program from 2007 until 2019. Ambassadors blogged and visited classrooms to inspire students to plan their post-secondary journey. These ambassadors are now in the workforce but their stories can still inspire continuous education.


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These students found their learning path – their journey may help you decide on yours.

Learning clicks ambassador Alannah

After upgrading at Centre High and shadowing a student, Alannah overcame her fears and self-doubt to become a U of A Native Studies graduate.

Learning clicks ambassador Alessandro

A love of fashion began Alessandro’s journey at the U of A, his mentor helped him progress to his unique degree in human centred design.

Learning clicks ambassador Alison

Alison’s dream was to design costumes for the BBC in England. She began 2 degrees, worked for a few years, and battled depression and anxiety before she developed her art portfolio.

Learning clicks ambassador Amanda

After convincing her parents she needed a gap year, Amanda selected commerce at Grant MacEwan University where her social life included swing dancing.

Learning clicks ambassador Ashlyn

Injuries and study abroad in Ecuador changed a dancing career to Naturopathic possibilities, this psychology student also has some financing tips.

Learning clicks ambassador Brett

An early health condition meant online learning for Brett, he used those self-paced skills in communication studies at Mount Royal University to pursue a career in journalism.

Learning clicks ambassador Cindy

An amazing doctor grandmother fueled Cindy’s U of A plans. Extracurriculars expanded her interests beyond just academics, learn how she picked her major and minor.

Learning clicks ambassador Cullen

A variety of work experience led Cullen to enrol in the Mount Royal University business program. Volunteering as a university student built his network and shaped his future.

Learning clicks ambassador Dana

A brother with special needs and volunteering contributed to her desire to help and decision to pursue her master’s degree in social work.

Learning clicks ambassador Devon

Step 1 a Bachelor of Arts in history at Mount Royal, step 2 an Education after degree at the University of Lethbridge, step 3 building a resume, and step 4 finding a job.

Learning clicks ambassador Dylan

After graduating from health sciences he returned to SAIT for a Medical lab tech diploma. He shares network building tips, mid-term advice and how to stay motivated.

Learning clicks ambassador Haley

A dream of making it to the Olympics was Haley’s goal. She promoted herself while studying business at Mount Royal University, learn about her life balance and presentation skills.

Learning clicks ambassador Jade

A sudden relationship end had Jade adjusting her plans to management studies through distance learning. She has tips for working and securing scholarships while studying.

Learning clicks ambassador Joel

Originally accepted into commerce, he used 2 exchange programs to visit 6 countries to discover his target of a Bachelor of Arts in international development and internship with the Alberta government.

Learning clicks ambassador Kelsey

Being in the foster care system and dropping out of high school, Kelsey found indigenous supports and tips for dealing with anxiety to find her path communications.

Learning clicks ambassador Kendra

After being diagnosed with ADD her teachers inspired her to become a teacher herself to help students realize their abilities, she also has some pointers for financing.

Learning clicks ambassador Kiyo

Coming from a family of doctors, Kiyo chose to study chemistry at the U of A. He explains the process of informational interviews and how they helped him chose his program and school.

Learning clicks ambassador Krista

As a volleyball athlete, Krista tailored her degree in rehabilitation medicine. She explains the sports recruitment processes of Canadian and American opportunities.

Learning clicks ambassador Nick

European travel while earning credits in Germany appealed to Nick. He explains how engineering experience in university clubs supported his choice of engineering at the U of A.

Learning clicks ambassador Sephra

Selecting a Bachelor of Arts program supported her creative thinking, she then she went on to study psychology, she learned the importance of research, planning and staying focussed.

Learning clicks ambassador Shannon

Taking time to be comfortable with herself, Shannon explains gender expression and has tip lists for how to be a change-maker with no stress studying in her psychology program.

Learning clicks ambassador Stefan

Settling on a single goal was not in Stefan’s vocabulary. Learn how this U of A arts student addressed his multiple passions and completed the last year of his degree in Arizona.

Learning clicks ambassador Tom

Tom began his career in high school using the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) program, his summer job, earned him high school credits, trade experience and cash.