Land agents licensing

A person must be a licensed land agent to negotiate with a landowner for certain surface or right of way agreements in Alberta.

Services and information

Apply, renew, reinstate or replace a lost permanent land agent licence.

Apply, renew, reinstate or replace a lost interim land agent licence.

Standards of conduct, negotiations, complaints, Registrar of Land Agents and staff, investigations, hearings, penalties, and rights of appeal.

Find publications and websites for groups that have an interest in surface land matters.

Provides recommendations to the Minister of Labour and Immigration or Registrar of Land Agents on matters related to land agent licensing.

Changes due to COVID-19

In response to the current situation, Land Agents Licensing has taken the following actions to ensure the health and safety of Albertans, and to continue to provide delivery of service:

  • All in-person service at Land Agents Licensing Office is suspended until further notice.
  • License applications should be submitted to Land Agents Licensing via email.
  • Application fees should be made electronically through the Government of Alberta eServices Payment Gateway.
  • Application processing times may increase as it may take additional time to review and approve licenses.
  • All Land Agent Licensing Examinations are suspended until further notice.

Learn more about changes due to COVID-19 (PDF, 66 KB)

Contact Land Agents Licensing at 780-415-4600 or via email: if you need information or wish to discuss your land agent license or your application. Watch this space for further updates.


A land agent is a person who negotiates for or acquires a surface interest in land on behalf of the person’s employer, as an agent on behalf of another person, or on the person’s own behalf.

Licensed land agents are regulated under the Land Agents Licensing Act and the Land Agents Licensing Regulation. The Act also provides for the establishment of an advisory committee.

In Alberta a land agent must have a licence.

Interest in land means acquiring land for the purpose of a right-of-way or other surface use under one of the following Acts:

An owner is a person who has a right to dispose of an interest in land. For more information, see the Land Agents Licensing Act.

Classes of land agent licences

There are 2 classes of licences issued under the Act.

Interim Land Agent Licence

An interim land agent licence allows a person to work while being trained and evaluated by a trainer before applying to become a Permanent Land Agent Licence.

Permanent Land Agent Licence

A person holding an Interim Land Agent Licence can apply for a permanent land agent licence after successfully completing the articling period set out by the Act, any conditions set out by the Registrar of Land Agents, and with the input of their trainer.

Cancelling a licence

The Registrar of Land Agents has the authority to cancel or suspend a land agent licence for misconduct or if it is in the public interest to do so.