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The most recent issue of Labour Market Notes (December 2019) was published on December 6, 2019.

Labour Market Notes

The Labour Market Notes documents contain analysis of the latest labour market data for Alberta, released monthly, on the same day as Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey.

The “Labour InSight” section covers a labour market topic in more detail. Beginning in October 2019, this section is usually published every other month.

Alberta labour market indicators

Indicator Latest *
Employment 2,338,700
    Month-over-month change -18,200
    Year-over-year % change -0.8%
Alberta unemployment rate (UR) 7.2%
    Edmonton UR ** 7.7%
    Calgary UR ** 6.9%
Participation rate 71.0%
Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) $1,177.54
    Year-over-year % change 3.4%
Average hourly wage $31.45
    Year-over-year % change 0.3%
Job vacancy rate *** 1.8%
Source: Statistics Canada

* All data is from the November 2019 Labour Force Survey, except AWE which is the September 2019 Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours, and the Job Vacancy Rate is for August 2019.

** This indicator is calculated as a 3‑month moving average and is seasonally adjusted.

*** This indicator is calculated as a 3‑month moving average and is not seasonally adjusted.

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Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
Phone: 780-638-5628
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