PIN Registration

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act requires persons who generate, collect, transport or receive hazardous waste to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by registering with the Director. There is no cost to apply for a PIN.

Personal Identification Numbers are not required for persons who generate, collect, transport or receive hazardous recyclables.

Personal Identification Numbers are usually issued within two business days of the Director receiving a completed package, after which the applicant will receive a signed copy back.

Registration Forms

New registration forms and forms to amend existing PINs can be downloaded from the following links:

Note: Only a single PIN is required for companies or persons generating or transporting hazardous waste at or from multiple locations. Please note each generating location in box 3; use additional pages if required. Receiver PINs are site-specific.

Hazardous waste brokers may complete the PIN registration form(s) on behalf of a generator; however, the PIN must be issued to and signed by the generator.

Active PIN Listings

A listing of companies and persons with active PINs can be found in the following documents.


If you are unsure of your PIN please contact the Land Policy Branch and provide your company’s name, corporate address and site address.

Land Policy Branch
Tel: 780 427-3081


Ministerial Authorization may be required prior to the importation of hazardous waste or hazardous recyclables from out of Province. Detailed information on importation can be found at:

Hazardous Facilities

A comprehensive regulatory system has been established to provide regulatory oversight to persons and companies managing hazardous waste and hazardous recyclables in Alberta. Detailed information on waste management facilities can be found at:


The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act requires that shipments of hazardous waste and hazardous recyclables use specific shipping documents such as a hazardous waste manifest or recycle docket. Detailed information can be found at:

Many hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclables are also regulated as dangerous goods under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. Information on transporting dangerous goods in Alberta can be found on the Alberta Transportation website at: