Get an Emergency Protection Order

How to file an Emergency Protection Order if you’ve been in a family violence situation and need police protection.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911

For protection

If you have been assaulted or you are in a family violence situation, contact your local police or RCMP detachment.

An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is granted when:

  • violent or threatening behaviour occurs between family members
  • there is evidence that immediate protection is necessary
  • family violence will resume or continue

The police can apply for an Emergency Protection Order to provide you with immediate protection.

An Emergency Protection Order:

  • is granted by the court and enforced by the police
  • can prevent a family member from contacting you and other family members
  • can stop a family member from coming to your home, school, work or other places
  • is only granted in situations of family violence; all other situations require a restraining order

You should have no contact with that family member while the protection order is in place.

How to apply

Contact one of these places to apply for an Emergency Protection Order.

Police or RCMP

Call your local police service or RCMP detachment:

  • tell them you need an Emergency Protection Order

Regular business hours

After hours, weekends and statutory holidays

Before 11 pm:

  • contact the Hearing Office for your part of the province
    • North of Wetaskiwin – Edmonton Hearing Office
    • Wetaskiwin and south – Calgary Hearing Office

After 11 pm:

  • only contact the Calgary Hearing Office

Email these things to the Hearing Office you contact:

North of Wetaskiwin – Edmonton Hearing Office

After hours – weekdays: 4 pm to 11 pm
Weekends and statutory holidays: 8 am to 11 pm

Phone: 1-780-422-3699
Email: [email protected]

Wetaskiwin and south – Calgary Hearing Office

After hours – weekdays: 4 pm to 7 am
Weekends and statutory holidays: 24 hours a day

Phone: 1-403-297-4444
Email: [email protected]