Fisheries engagements

Changes to fisheries management policies, regulations and decisions get direct input from Albertans through public engagements.


Alberta’s waters are home to a diversity of fish that offer healthy food and outdoor experiences for recreational users and Indigenous peoples.

In Alberta, there are a variety of fishing opportunities to meet the needs of a diversity of anglers. Fisheries are managed with the needs of multiple stakeholders in mind, including Indigenous Peoples, recreational fishers and even some competitive fishing events.

Albertans are engaged in deciding which management objective is set for a fishery (fishing regions in the province). In some cases where fish populations are depleted or at high risk for long-term sustainability, a recovery objective is set with appropriate actions, possibly even temporary fishing closures.

The Alberta government is committed to open dialogue on fisheries management through the use of science-based information and involving Albertans in fisheries management decisions.

Benefits of fisheries

Alberta’s fisheries offer benefits for all Albertans to enjoy. These include:

  • social and recreational enjoyment
  • biodiversity and ecosystem health
  • cultural and natural history
  • a source of food
  • economic benefits through annual sales of fishing licences, gear and other related purchases by anglers interested in angling adventure in our waters

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Native trout

Native trout populations across the east slopes of Alberta have experienced severe declines in population size and distribution. The Government of Alberta is focused on ensuring progress is made towards recovering these species by addressing key threats on the ground.

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Albertans share responsibility to ensure aquatic habitats can support healthy fish populations. Reducing our impact on waters and shorelines by not damaging or polluting these areas and leaving nothing behind helps keep them healthy habitats for fish.

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Fishing opportunities

Anglers can support successful fisheries management by following fishing rules and avoiding unintentional harm to fish. If you are interested in fishing in Alberta, learn more about:

  • Alberta’s fisheries and fishing opportunities, regulations, fishing licenses, and best practices at My Wild Alberta.
  • catch and keep information and a guidance on consumption of fish at Should I Eat This Fish



Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

Active engagements

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