Moose Lake 10 km management zone plan engagement

In 2018, Albertans were asked for feedback on a draft plan for the Moose Lake management zone.

This engagement has been archived.
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks
Completed: 2018


The Moose Lake 10 km management zone is located about 100 km northwest of Fort McMurray.

A draft management zone plan was prepared in collaboration with Fort McKay First Nation following government review of recommendations in support of the Moose Lake collaborative planning process. In 2018 Albertans were allowed to review the draft plan and provide feedback on it through an online survey.

This plan defines the resource development management requirements for crown land within the 10 km management zone, an area that neighbours the Moose Lake Reserves 174A and 174B.

A fundamental objective of the 10 km Management Zone Plan is to ensure coordinated and managed access and development for current and future industrial land use activities. The intent is to provide management direction and regulatory controls that will:

  • maintain Treaty rights and opportunities for traditional use and cultural practices of Fort McKay First Nation and other Indigenous communities
  • ensure ecosystem function and biodiversity
  • enable continued opportunities for economic development

The Moose Lake 10 km Zone Plan will be part of a broader Moose Lake Access Management Plan. That plan, once developed and approved, is intended to be incorporated and have authority under the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.

Life cycle

Public opinion survey: February 16 to March 30, 2018

Draft plan review completed: April 9, 2018

Final plan revised: April 30, 2019

Approval of final plan: July 31, 2018

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