Northern pike and walleye management frameworks engagement

In 2017, feedback on proposed changes to the Fisheries Management Program was needed help protect fisheries.

This engagement has been archived.
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks
Completed: 2017


The province’s Fisheries Management Program needed to be updated to align with the Fish Conservation and Management Strategy.

As part of this fisheries management initiative, a draft Recreational Fisheries Management Frameworks for Northern Pike and Walleye was developed and public feedback sought in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1, August 2017 – public feedback received on key management questions such as catch and release, special harvest licences, season length and other discussion items
  • Phase 2, September 2017 – feedback on draft management frameworks
  • Phase 3, November 2017 – consulted on some of the waters where fish populations are at a low to moderate risk status for long-term sustainability, and where new Recreational Fisheries Management Objectives were being proposed.

During Phase 4, March 2018, a report on the engagement results and regulatory changes was developed.

Survey summary

Support for a special harvest license approach to northern pike and walleye recreational fisheries management was strong, with roughly 3/4 of respondents supporting the use of such licenses in walleye fisheries, and 2/3 of respondents supporting their use for northern pike fisheries.

Respondents were asked to give their preferences for walleye and northern pike fishing:

  • 91% were in favour of catch and release restrictions or fisheries closures to ensure fish species recovery
  • 70% were in favour of special harvest license use in areas with short fishing seasons to mitigate the effects of overfishing
  • 75% were in favour of active and passive fisheries management for lakes
  • 67% were in favour of careful management of remote lakes over liberal harvest strategies


Northern pike and walleye management frameworks

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