In 2014, the Alberta government released the latest Fish Conservation and Management Strategy for Alberta.

The Strategy provides a framework for our Ministry to ensure Alberta's fish benefit present and future Albertans. Within this mandate is the responsibility of managing the sustainability and conservation of our fish resources.

The Strategy also:

  • sets out the department's vision and mission statements; guiding principles; goals objectives and success indicators for fisheries management
  • guides department staff
  • describes to stakeholders, industry, and other Alberta and federal government departments how the department manages Alberta's fish resources for conservation and sustainability
  • covers the basics of fisheries management decision-making and details the roles of government agencies, public, aboriginals, and industry sectors in collaborating on fisheries management

In addition, the new strategy also includes information about innovative management approaches. Highlights are the description of new methods for reporting the status of fish populations (Fish Sustainability Index and Index of Native Fish Integrity) and an updated framework for consultation and objective-setting.

The Fish Conservation Strategy is revised periodically, with input from stakeholders and the Alberta public.

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