Budget 2023 secures Alberta's future by continuing to prioritize fiscal responsibility and living within our means. A new fiscal framework, including balanced budget legislation, helps government make spending decisions that support long-term sustainability of the government programs and services that are important to Albertans.

The government’s latest budget update is now available online. Read the 2023-24 Mid-year Fiscal Update and Economic Statement (PDF, 1 MB).

2023-24 mid-year update

Total expense is forecast at $68.8 billion in 2023-24, $4.3 billion more than 2022-23 and $481 million more than estimated in Budget 2023. About $1.4 billion in expense increases are forecast as a preliminary allocation from the $1.5 billion budgeted contingency, leaving $123 million unallocated.

Table 1. Expense summary (millions of dollars)

Source: Treasury Board and Finance
Expense items22-23
from Budget
2024-25 Target2025-26 Target
Operating expense:  
- Health23,43824,53324,83430125,68326.300
- Kindergarten to Grade 128,3298,8368,866309,0369,162
- Post-secondary5,7165,7795,827485,9196,052
- Seniors, Community and Social Services4,8165,2525,183(69)5,1595,335
- Other ministries / Legislative Assembly12,43812,63812,647812,78412,724
Operating expense54,73757,03857,35731858,58159,573
Capital grants1,5252,8212,841203,5633,508
Amortization / inventory consumption / loss on disposals4,0904,4184,418-4,4814,531
- Debt servicing2,8292,8483,1573093,2533,398
- Pension provisions(21)(322)(341)(19)(358)(370)
Disaster and emergency assistance1,319-1,2291,229  
Total expense64,47968,30368,78448171,02072,140

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