Budget 2024 builds the schools, hospitals and roads Alberta’s communities need today and can rely on as they grow. The Budget 2024 Capital Plan invests $25 billion over 3 years, a $2 billion increase from the Budget 2023 Capital Plan.

The 2024 Capital Plan funds projects and initiatives that boost Alberta’s advantage and invest in Albertans. It will create opportunities for private-sector participation and support an average of over 24,000 direct jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs per year through to 2026-27.

Key investments

  • $7.2 billion over 3 years to support municipalities to build and create vibrant communities:
    • $2.4 billion in Local Government Fiscal Framework funding to help Alberta municipalities fund local infrastructure projects
    • $60 million for the new Local Growth and Sustainability Grant Program to help municipalities fund economic development and sustainable growth initiatives
    • $1.6 billion for light rail transit projects in Calgary and Edmonton, including $43 million in new funding for the Calgary Blue Line
  • $955 million to improve major roadway corridors in Calgary and Edmonton
  • $129 million to support ongoing work to twin Highway 11 between Rocky Mountain House and Sylvan Lake
  • $2.1 billion to support 98 school projects, add modular classrooms and support charter and collegiate schools
  • $55 million to upgrade facilities and equipment that support wildfire operations
  • $810 million to advance the redevelopment and expansion of Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre
  • $654 million to build and modernize continuing care facilities across the province
  • $313 million for the Alberta Surgical Initiative to increase the number of surgical procedures performed annually
  • $35 million for the EMS Vehicles Capital Program to purchase new EMS vehicles and ambulances and upgrade the existing fleet
  • $328 million, consisting of $191 million provincial funding and a $137 million federal contribution, to develop recovery communities and children and youth mental health facilities
  • $456 million for the Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program to support investments in Alberta’s petrochemicals sector
  • $30 million for the Aboriginal Business Investment Fund to support business opportunities in Indigenous communities by helping fund start-up and expansion costs
  • $405 million for the Affordable Housing Partnership Program to help build 13,000 new affordable housing units
  • $539 million to expand and improve municipal water and wastewater infrastructure
  • $251 million over 3 years in capital funding for flood and drought mitigation projects such as canals, dams, spillways and reservoirs
  • $63 million for Olds College to renovate and expand student spaces in the W.J. Elliott Building
  • $55 million to increase STEM programming capacity at the University of Calgary
  • $26 million for the University of Lethbridge Rural Medical Teaching School
  • $30 million for the new Community Recreation Centre Infrastructure Program to support the development of small and mid-sized recreation facilities

Capital funding at a glance

Chart 1: Capital funding envelopes

2024 Budget - Capital Plan. Chart 1: Capital funding envelopes
Source: Treasury Board and Finance

Funding highlights

The 2024-27 Capital Plan honours previous commitments to build and maintain key infrastructure projects and includes additional investments in health-care facilities, schools projects and an efficient and effective road system.

Icon of two houses lining a street on either side.

$7.2 billion for municipal-related infrastructure

Icon of a hammer and wrench

$3.7 billion for capital maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure

Icon of a car driving on a road.

$2.2 billion for roads and bridges

Icon of a hospital

$3.6 billion for health infrastructure

Icon of an apple sitting on a pile of books.

$2.1 billion for K to 12 schools projects

Icon of the legislature

$1.4 billion to streamline government service delivery

Icon of a police cap

$533 million for public safety and emergency infrastructure projects

Icon of the sun rising over a field.

$1.1 billion for agriculture and natural resources projects and programs

Icon of 2 tickets.

$323 million for arts, sports and recreation projects and programs

Icon of a hand holding a house

$829 million for family, social supports and housing

Icon of a school

$361 million for post-secondary infrastructure

Icon of a building

$1.6 billion in self-financed investments for schools, universities, colleges and hospitals

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