The Budget 2023 Capital Plan secures Alberta’s future by supporting jobs and the economy, investing in infrastructure projects that help strengthen our healthcare system, enhancing Albertans’ safety and security, and providing essential services and supports. The 3-year capital plan of nearly $23 billion will support 20,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs each year through to 2025-26.

The government’s latest budget update is now available online. Read the 2023-24 First Quarter Fiscal Update and Economic Statement (PDF, 1 MB).

Key investments

Key investments in the 2023 Capital Plan that secure jobs and prosperity for Albertans:

  • $6.9 billion over 3 years to support municipalities to build and create vibrant communities:
    • $3 billion for LRT in Edmonton and Calgary
    • $211 million for clean water and wastewater disposal infrastructure
    • $5 million in 2023-24 to support the City of Calgary to explore light and heavy rail connections from the airport to downtown, and to assist with engineering activities on the Blue Line extension 
    • $30 million toward the Red Deer Regional Airport Expansion
    • $2 billion under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative and the Local Government Fiscal Framework which replaces the MSI in 2024-25.
    • $150 million for the Community Facility Enhancement Program which provides non-profit organizations with funding for local public-use facility enhancements
    • $12 million over 3 years for new campground developments
  • $155 million for recovery communities in communities across Alberta to offer long-term residential addiction treatment
  • $634 million over 3 years for the new Edmonton Hospital
  • $321 million over 3 years for the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre redevelopment
  • $246 million over 3 years for the Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative
  • $316 million over 3 years for ongoing support for affordable housing
  • $35 million in 2024-26 for MacEwan University’s new School of Business
  • $42 million over 3 years in new funding to expand the Charter Hub, creating about 2,000 new student spaces that can be used by start-up or expanding charters until they find a permanent location

Capital funding at a glance

Chart 1: Capital funding envelopes

Capital funding envelopes - Chart
Source: Treasury Board and Finance

Funding highlights

The 2023-26 Capital Plan honours previous commitments to build and maintain key infrastructure projects and includes additional investments in health-care facilities, schools projects and an efficient and effective road system.

Icon of four houses along a road.

$6.5 billion for direct municipal support

Icon of a hammer and wrench

$3.5 billion for capital maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure

Icon of a car driving on a road.

$2.3 billion for roads and bridges

Icon of a hospital

$3.1 billion for health infrastructure

Icon of an apple sitting on a pile of books.

$1.6 billion for K-12 schools projects

Icon of a legislature building.

$1.6 billion to streamline government service delivery

Icon of a police cap

$594 million for public safety and emergency infrastructure projects

Icon of a sun rising over a field

$1.1 billion for agriculture and natural resources projects and programs

Icon of two tickets

$352 million for sports and recreation projects and programs

Icon of a hand holding a house

$497 million for family, social supports and housing

Icon of a university

$180 million for post-secondary infrastructure

Icon of a house

$1.7 billion in self-financed investments for schools, universities, colleges and hospitals

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