Dutch elm disease (DED) is a costly and deadly disease that affects any species of elm trees. Currently, Alberta has the largest number of DED free elm trees in the world.

There are at least 600,000 elms growing across our province in municipalities, shelterbelts, provincial parks and on rural properties. These elms are valued at over $2 billion dollars.


Firewood brought into the province can spread DED. To prevent DED campers must:

  • not transport firewood into Alberta
  • buy firewood locally
  • burn firewood onsite
  • not store non-local firewood at home

Cost of DED

If DED infects elm trees in Alberta, it would be very costly. Tree removal can cost over $500 dollars per tree. This means it could cost the province upwards of $300 million dollars for tree removal alone, not including the additional costs of replanting.