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Draft K-6 curriculum


Refocusing on essential knowledge in Alberta’s elementary schools.

What is new

We have listened to Albertans' input on the draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 (K-6) curriculum.

On December 13, 2021, we announced significant steps to address feedback from parents, teachers and subject matter experts. We are now moving forward with curriculum renewal by taking these steps:

  • adjusting curriculum implementation timelines based on recommendations from a new implementation advisory group that will be established in early 2022
  • introducing a new draft K-6 social studies design blueprint that lays out a plan to make future curriculum content changes
  • updating 4 subjects including English language arts and literature, fine arts (music), physical education and wellness, and science
  • providing new engagement opportunities on the draft K-6 social studies design blueprint and draft K-6 curriculum

With these steps, we will ensure Alberta’s students are learning from an updated curriculum that prepares them for the future.

News: Listening to Albertans on the draft K-6 curriculum (December 13, 2021)

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Renewing focus on essential knowledge

Parents and teachers have waited a long time for a curriculum that brings a renewed focus to literacy, numeracy, citizenship and practical skills. The revised and strengthened Kindergarten to Grade 6 (K-6) curriculum gives students a strong base of essential knowledge for future learning.

Based on proven research, this curriculum is designed to improve student outcomes across all subjects, following several years of declining and stagnant student performance. It delivers on our commitment to refocus learning on essential knowledge and skills to give children the best possible chance at success.

Have your say

You are invited to attend virtual information sessions to find out more about the draft K-6 curriculum, the draft social studies design blueprint, and the curriculum implementation plans.

In January and February 2022, there will be more engagement opportunities for you to share constructive, meaningful feedback.

In spring 2022, your feedback will help us finalize the social studies design blueprint, develop the corresponding draft social studies curriculum, and further revise all subjects in the draft K-6 curriculum.

Key learning themes

Alberta's new K-6 curriculum is founded on 4 key learning themes: literacy, numeracy, citizenship and practical skills.

These themes are applied in all grades across all subject areas. This new focus ensures classrooms are centres of learning excellence.

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Subject areas

The K-6 curriculum outlines what students will learn in each subject and grade.

Students will gain specific knowledge and foundational skills that will prepare them for the future.

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K-6 curriculum.

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