Part of Justice

Criminal prosecutions

Striving for just and timely outcomes for the accused, victims and the public in criminal offences.


The Alberta Crown Prosecution Service:

  • prosecutes offences that fall under the Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act or a provincial statute when there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction and the prosecution is in the public interest
  • provides Crown prosecutors for all first-appearance justice of the peace bail hearings
  • handles criminal appeals in the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada
  • develops criminal law policy for the province
  • consults with other provinces, territories and the Government of Canada on criminal law policy

The responsibilities of Crown prosecutors include:

  • determining appropriate charges
  • conducting discussions with defence counsel
  • preparing witnesses for court
  • examining and cross-examining witnesses
  • presenting arguments respecting conviction and sentencing

Decisions of Crown prosecutors are governed by legal tradition, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Alberta government’s justice policies and the Alberta Law Society’s Code of Conduct.

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