Justice of the Peace bail hearings

At a bail hearing, a Justice of the Peace (JP) decides if a person arrested for a crime should be released before trial.

First-appearance JP bail hearings take place throughout Alberta:

  • from 8 am to midnight
  • 365 days a year

The development of the JP bail hearing process was driven by the:

JP bail hearings

First appearance

A first-appearance bail hearing happens by video or teleconferencing:

  • a JP at the Court of Justice Hearing Office oversees the hearing
  • a prosecutor appears for the Crown
  • if needed, duty counsel appears for the arrested person

If you’re arrested, you have the right to speak to a lawyer before you appear at a bail hearing.

Bail decision

The JP typically decides one of 3 things:

  • the arrested person is released on bail
  • the arrested person is detained
  • to adjourn the case without a decision about bail

If there's no decision, the case is held over to the next court date in Court of Justice.

Request a bail package online

An Electronic Disclosure (E-Disclosure) account is required to use this service.

Counsel of record can use the online Bail Request Page to:

  • request – initiate a bail package for the respective accused (you’ll be listed on the hearing list as the defence counsel on the file)
  • download – get the accused’s bail package

You can also get this information online:

  • the courtroom at the Court of Justice Hearing Office in which the file will be heard by video or teleconference
  • the status of the bail hearing
  • where the file sits in the queue
  • name of the accused
  • youth – indicates a youth file
  • SVO status – indicates whether the file is a serious and violence offence
  • jurisdiction – law enforcement agency that submitted the file
  • time the accused was arrested
  • comments related to the bail hearing
  • defence counsel on record
  • name of Crown prosecutor speaking to first appearance bail
  • position of the Crown on the matter
  • Crown ready – time at which the Crown has completed review of the file
  • current status

Step 1. Get the JOIN docket number

Contact the Crown Bail Office for the JOIN docket number.

Hours: 8 am to midnight, 365 days a year
Phone: 1-855-432-8828
Email: [email protected]

Step 2. Access the Bail Request Page

Use your E-Disclosure credentials and JOIN docket number to:

Access the Bail Request Page


The system uses two-factor authentication – make sure you can answer your designated first or second phone number so you can enter your PIN.

Follow the prompts and use your docket number to get information about the case.

The quick reference card for accessing the hearing list on the Bail Request Page is available for download.


Defence counsel or law enforcement may contact the Crown Bail Office 365 days a year.

Hours: 8 am to midnight
Phone: 1-855-432-8828
Email: [email protected]