Child Support Resolution Program

Parents in Calgary and Edmonton who need help coming to an agreement about child support can apply to this program.


The Child Support Resolution Program is free.

This program helps parents:

  • reach an agreement about financial support for their children
  • enter a legally enforceable court order for child support

Parents can enter the program 3 ways:

  • both parents can agree to enter the program
  • a Court of King’s Bench justice can direct them to enter the program
  • a Court of Justice of Alberta judge can direct them to enter the program

Program details

Parents will have a 60 to 90 minute meeting with a Child Support Program officer who is a family law lawyer. The parents and the officer will:

  • try to resolve their child support issues, and
  • calculate the amount of child support
  • If parents agree

    If parents reach an agreement:

    1. One of the program staff helps prepare a consent order for the parents to sign.
    2. It is sent for review and a signature by a Court of King’s Bench justice.
    3. Each parent will get a copy of the signed consent order after a justice signs it.
  • If parents cannot agree

    If parents do not reach an agreement, they might:

    • get more information about court processes, or
    • be referred to other programs for help to resolve their child support issues

How to book an appointment

Call us if you are worried about your safety while taking part in this program.

We will talk about:

  • possible options
  • precautions
  • any other concerns you have
  • Step 1. Both parents must agree to take part

    If you have not been directed to this program by a justice or a judge:

    • both parents must agree to enter the program

    If both parents agree to enter the program:

    • go to Step 2
  • Step 2. Gather your documents

    You must provide a sworn Disclosure Statement before attending the meeting. Some of the documents you need to make the Disclosure Statement include:

    • your complete tax returns from the past 3 years
    • your Notice of Assessment tax status forms from the past 3 years
    • your last 3 pay stubs or other proof of income for this tax year
      • if you are self-employed or a business owner, bring the last 3 financial statements of that business
    • a copy of the most recent child support order
    • a list of what you spend on special expenses for your children
      • include receipts, if possible
    • a Maintenance Enforcement Program Statement of Account, if you are registered with the Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program
    • if you disagree with your most recent Child Support Recalculation Decision, include a copy of that decision
  • Step 3. Make the appointment

    Contact us by phone or email to make an appointment.

    To set up a meeting we will need:

    • your first and last name
    • the other parent’s first and last name
    • your email address
    • your phone number
    • your court file number if you have a court file
    • the name and contact information for your lawyer if you have a lawyer who will be attending the meeting with you
  • Step 4. Agree to a meeting date

    We will send you 3 possible dates for your meeting. Everyone coming to the meeting must agree on the meeting date, including:

    • you
    • the other parent
    • any lawyers coming with you or the other parent
  • Step 5. Before the meeting

    You will get an email from us:

    • confirming your meeting date
    • asking you to provide your Disclosure Statement, and
    • any other information we need before the meeting date

    There will be a deadline to give us and the other parent the required information. The meeting will not proceed if the deadline is missed.

  • Step 6. Meeting day

    Meet to reach an agreement for child support.


Connect with the Child Support Resolution Program:


Hours: 8:15 am to 4 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 403-297-6981
Email: [email protected]


Hours: 8:15 am to 4 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-1907
Email: [email protected]