Alberta Transportation contracts often reference the following specifications and manuals. The contents within the manuals form the basis of the department’s expectations of service. Consultants working on Alberta Transportation projects should be familiar with the contents within each.

Engineering consulting guidelines

The Engineering Consulting Guidelines form the basis of Alberta Transportation's expectations and requirements of a consultant on a project, and can be found below.

To establish uniform standards and procedures to use when preparing various drawings for Alberta Transportation projects, Engineering Drafting Guidelines have been developed.

Consulting and construction contracts

Documents intended to clarify or supplement information contained in the above manuals are located at the following links:

The Technical Resources section should be consulted for additional manuals and publications that may apply to a specific project.

Engineering drafting guidelines

SUPERSEDED Engineering Drafting Guidelines

  • Engineering drafting guidelines for highway and bridge projects (2002 to 2010):
    • Forward – Standard Procedure for Submittal of Plans
    • Section 1 – General Requirements – February 2005
    • Section 2 – Guidelines for Bridge Projects – February 2005
    • Section 3 – Guidelines for Highway Projects – July 2003
    • Section 4 – Guidelines for Aggregate Projects – January 2011
    • Section 5 – Appendices – October 2004


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