For construction/maintenance/non-engineering work valued at less than $50,000, the following template may be used:

For all other construction-related work, Alberta Transportation's documents contain such sections as:

    1. Instructions to Bidders

    2. Tender Forms

    2.1 Tender for Construction

    2.2 Unit Price Schedule

    2.3 Tender Agreement

    2.4 Agreement

    2.5 Tender Signing and Sealing

    3. Tender Amendment Forms

    4. Special Provisions

    5. Specification Amendments

    6. Plans and Permits

    7. Addenda

These sections can be viewed in the following standard templates:

The following are standard specifications for highway, bridge, and water construction projects that are referenced in tenders and form a portion of the contract:

At the conclusion of the tendering process, Alberta Transportation will prepare an agreement from portions of the above information and the following additional documents: