Consent, contact and parenting orders

Applying for custody, consent, contact and parenting orders, and how to change an order.


If you and the other parent reach a parenting agreement, you can apply to have these terms made into a Consent Order.

You can apply for a Contact Order if you would like to have contact with the child and visit them, and you're not the child's guardian.

How to apply for an order that determines which guardian is directly responsible for the child and has the right to visit the child.

Apply for a Parenting Order which sets out decisions that guardians have to make for a child, and the time they can spend with the child.

How to change a Contact Order.

Apply to change the conditions of your Custody and Access Order.

Apply to change the conditions of a Parenting Order.

How to change a parenting agreement or Consent Order.

Information about parenting agreements and the steps to apply for a Consent Order.

How to enforce a court order that allows you to spend time with a child if the other parent or guardian isn’t allowing you to do this.