Complaints about a civil enforcement agency

If you feel you weren’t treated fairly during the property seizure or eviction process, you can file a complaint with the agency involved.

To file a complaint

  1. Contact the appropriate civil enforcement agency.
  2. Clearly describe your concern.
  3. Identify what resolution you’d like to occur.

If your complaint isn’t resolved

  1. Prepare a letter or email that:
    • describes your concerns
    • contains both yours and the other party’s name and contact information
    • includes copies of any communication that you’ve had with the civil enforcement agency
  2. Send your letter or email to:
    Office of the Sheriff – Civil Enforcement
    Alberta Justice
    Justice Services Division
    2nd Floor, 108th Street Building
    9942 108 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2J5
    Email: [email protected]

Responding to you

Based on your letter or email, the Office of the Sheriff – Civil Enforcement may choose to:

  • conduct an investigation if there appears to be an act of misconduct committed by a civil enforcement agency employee (for example, bailiff)
  • resolve your complaint through another dispute resolution process

The Office will contact you about the outcome of your complaint.

The Office doesn’t deal with complaints regarding legal decisions. Such matters involve appeals at the Court of Appeal.