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Capital Plan

The Capital Plan provides the public infrastructure families and communities need.


The 2022 Capital Plan makes prudent and informed investments in infrastructure projects that expand capacity in the health care system, attract private sector investment, and support skills, jobs and long-term economic growth.

The 3-year plan totals $20.2 billion dollars, and the projects it funds will support 19,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs each year.

The government’s latest budget update, including new Capital Plan highlights, is now available online. Read the 2022-23 Mid-year Fiscal Update and Economic Statement (PDF, 2 MB).

Key investments

Some of the key investments in the 2022 Capital Plan that support skills, jobs and economic growth include:

  • $5.8 billion over 3 years to support priority infrastructure projects led by municipalities:
    • $2.8 billion for LRT in Edmonton and Calgary
    • $282 million for clean water and wastewater infrastructure
    • $7.5 million toward the Red Deer Regional Airport Expansion
    • $722 million for the first year of the Local Government Fiscal Framework, which will replace the Municipal Sustainability Initiative in 2024-25
  • $320 million over 3 years for the broadband strategy to provide internet access to all Albertans
  • $41 million over 3 years for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s John Ware Building Redevelopment project
  • $15 million over 3 years for the Aboriginal Business Investment Fund
  • $10 million over 2 years for the Clean Hydrogen Centre of Excellence
  • $10 million for downtown revitalization efforts in Calgary and Edmonton

Chart 1: Capital funding envelopes

Capital funding envelopes - Chart
Source: Treasury Board and Finance

Funding highlights

The 2022-25 Capital Plan honours previous commitments to build and maintain key infrastructure projects and includes additional investments in health care facilities, school projects, transportation networks and more.

$5.85 billion for direct municipal support

$3.2 billion for capital maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure

$1.8 billion for roads and bridges

$2.2 billion for health facilities

$1.5 billion for school projects

$1.3 billion to streamline government service delivery

$806 million for public safety and emergency services projects

$750 million for agriculture and natural resources projects

$306 million for sports and recreation projects

$301 million for family, social supports and housing

$209 million for post-secondary infrastructure

$1.95 billion in self-financed investments for schools, universities, colleges and hospitals

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