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An overview of the Budget 2019 plan to get Albertans back to work, make life better, and stand up for Alberta.

A summary of Alberta’s Budget 2019 economic forecast and analysis.

Budget 2019 projections of revenue from taxes, non-renewable resources, federal transfers and investment income.

The Budget 2019 Tax Plan delivers on the commitment to reduce the tax burden on Albertans and Alberta businesses.

The Budget 2019 Capital Plan continues to invest in the infrastructure families and communities need.

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Budget 2019

Budget 2019 reflects a commitment to responsible fiscal management and a promise to balance the budget in 4 years. It's focused on creating jobs and delivering public services and infrastructure to support private sector investment and a vibrant society.

Alberta's successive provincial deficits have created a serious financial situation and a debt burden that has reached $62.7 billion. Government spent almost $2 billion on interest (debt servicing) last year – more than what was spent on 17 out of 21 ministries.

Economic outlook

Economic growth is expected to slow to 0.6% in 2019 reflecting market access challenges. The economy will pick up strength next year, but it will take time for the labour market to fully recover. Although growth prospects are solid, external risks are high for Alberta's trade-and-energy driven economy.

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Total revenue is forecast to remain flat at $50 billion in 2019-20 and $50.1 billion in 2020-21, before increasing to $57.5 billion in 2022-23. A modest but realistic oil price outlook, along with market access issues, impede revenue growth over the next two years. This reality means spending reductions are necessary.

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Tax plan

We have delivered on our commitment to reduce the tax burden on Albertans and Alberta businesses by repealing the carbon tax and cutting corporate tax rates. Shifting to a low-rate, broad-based tax approach will encourage economic diversification, create jobs, and make Alberta one of the most competitive places to invest within North America by 2022.

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Capital plan

Families and communities will continue to enjoy the public infrastructure they need. The plan honours previous commitments to build and maintain key projects such as roads, schools and hospitals. Direct municipal support will be adjusted to recognize the current fiscal environment and allow for some sharing of gains as provincial revenues improve.

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Budget documents

Download detailed documents outlining the government's financial plans.

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Watch Premier's Address

Premier Jason Kenney speaks about the plan for Alberta.