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ASIRT issues a news release and, in time-sensitive situations, a tweet:

  • after the province’s director of law enforcement assigns ASIRT a file
  • at the conclusion of an ASIRT investigation


ASIRT’s executive director chooses when to issue news releases or tweets for investigations into Alberta police officers whose conduct:

  • may have caused serious injuries
  • may have caused death
  • has led to sexual assault allegations

Balancing transparency

When ASIRT issues a news release or tweet, the team strives to:

  • disclose as much information as possible to the public
  • protect the confidentiality of witnesses
  • guard the privacy rights of those involved
  • maintain the integrity of investigations

Revealing names

In its news releases and tweets, ASIRT does not usually include the names of people who have:

  • died
  • been seriously injured


ASIRT may reveal a person's identity in a news release or tweet based on:

  • the circumstances surrounding the incident
  • a combination of other factors, such as the:
    • requirements of an investigation
    • person's position on their name being released
    • family's position on the name of their deceased relative being released
    • person's age
    • person's name already being in the public domain
    • stage of an investigation
    • limitations imposed by law – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Youth Criminal Justice Act, etc.

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