The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is an independent agency with civilian investigators and seconded police investigators.


Using the Police Act, the Alberta government established ASIRT as an agency that's:

  • arms-length from government
  • independent from police agencies

ASIRT is led by a civilian executive director, who is a lawyer. The director oversees a 'hybrid' organization that includes a blend of provincial:

  • civilian investigators
  • seconded police officers from various police agencies


ASIRT is authorized to investigate Alberta police officers whose conduct:

  • may have caused serious injuries
  • may have caused death
  • has led to serious or sensitive allegations of police misconduct


ASIRT can lay criminal charges against a police officer if – as a result of an investigation – the executive director believes a criminal offence was committed.

ASIRT's executive director reports their decision – to charge or not charge an officer – to the:

  • province's director of law enforcement
  • chief of the involved police agency
  • police commission for the involved police agency
  • police officer that was the subject of the investigation
  • person who may have been injured
  • family of the person whose death may have been caused
  • affected person


ASIRT can investigate police officers in the province's:

  • municipal police services
  • Indigenous police services
  • RCMP

For investigations, ASIRT also has memorandums of understanding with the:

  • Yukon government
  • RCMP “M” Division


ASIRT strives to strike the proper balance between:

  • disclosing as much information as possible to the public
  • guarding the privacy rights of those involved
  • maintaining the integrity of the investigation


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