Application Disposition Process and Tracking

The ADEPT system helps automate and streamline business processes needed to meet legislative land use requirements in Alberta.

Application Disposition Process and Tracking (ADEPT)

The Operations Division is responsible for the management of geophysical, industrial, commercial and agricultural public land dispositions in accordance with the Public Lands Act, Mines and Minerals Act and related legislation, regulations and policies. The Operations Division has taken a phased approach to automating the business processes required to meet legislative requirements.

The opportunity provided by this automated system will ensure that geophysical clients are provided with efficient and consistent service from government departments providing access to Alberta's resources. Application Disposition Process and Tracking (ADEPT) provides a solution that includes the following features:

  • Ability to submit geophysical Preliminary, Amendment, and Final Plans.
  • Ability to upload an encrypted compressed file containing geophysical plans and meta data file.
  • Ability to perform real time validation. Business rule violations will be displayed back to the industry client at the time of data entry to the database.
  • Ability to notify client of unsuccessful submission and errors.
  • Ability to automatically notify the industry client of the geophysical number. For further information visit the sites below:

For information on the policy and procedures for submitting the Geophysical Field Report Form refer to:


Business Operations Unit
Phone: 310-LAND (5263)
Email: [email protected]


Making Digital Submissions

Why are there two different environments for digital submission?

There are two different email addresses to note when sending your application:

The ADEPT acceptance account was created for qualification and testing purposes. Although not required, this environment can be used to test your submission and find out what possible errors you will encounter. ADEPT Support recommends that you use this account before sending your application to the production environment. Doing so will generate faster successful validation results from the ADEPT production system.

How do I pre-qualify for digital submission?

To pre-qualify for digital submission, you have to be able to send a successful validation, one for each stage (Preliminary, Amendment and Final Plan), to the testing account:

Once this has been done, you can then start submitting your submissions to the production environment:

When can I submit an application digitally? What are your hours of operation?

The ADEPT mailbox is available 24 hours a day. All email servers and mailboxes are supported during business hours:

  • Monday through Friday: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (MT)

Between 7:00 am and 8:15 pm and between 4:30 pm and 11:00 pm, servers are running, but no support is available. For this reason, you may experience delays in receiving responses from ADEPT.

Network maintenance is conducted between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am The ADEPT loader processing will likely not be working during system maintenance.

I want to use encryption when sending submissions to the ADEPT system. What do I need?

Clients who wish to use encryption for exchanging data are asked to contact Business Operations Unit staff to request the necessary decryption key. This key is stored in ADEPT and will be separate from the submission package.

Clients who choose not to encrypt their data, thus waiving their privilege to use encryption, must sign a waiver and submit to Business Operations Unit.

If the client has chosen to use encryption, applications rejected by the department are sent back encrypted.

I have other correspondence I that want to include in my submission. How should I name these files?

These files must be in a format supported by Microsoft Word 2003. The naming of the file should be such that it indicates the contents of the file: for example: p_1234_covering_letter.doc (covering letter), a_geo123456_int2.jpg (additional proof of intent).

Follow the naming convention shown in the specification document to the second underscore. Other correspondence must pertain only to the submitted program and to no other programs.

If you need to send correspondence for other programs outside of an application submission, contact the Applications and Approval Unit.

Is there anything special I should know if I use MapInfo?

MapInfo Users Only: When submitting your information to ADEPT, make sure that your field names are all in capital letters as any lowercase field names will be rejected.

What is the procedure for Special Amendments?

Be advised that we will no longer process special amendments submitted by fax to Lands Division, Disposition and Technical Services Branch. Special amendments must now be sent electronically.

Provide a description of changes including section, township, range, meridian, line number(s) and number of kilometres of change. There is no charge on amendments involving changes affecting all private land, special areas or road allowance within a radius not exceeding eight kilometres.

Indicate in the AMS file whether the special amendment is exempt under this provision.

NOTE: Only one special amendment will be allowed per program.

How do I specify that the submission I am sending is for next fiscal year and not for this fiscal year?

All submissions submitted up to March 14, (12:00 am MT) will be prefixed with the present years number (for example: GEO 10XXXX). Programs submitted on or after March 15, will be prefixed with next years number (for example: GEO 11XXXX)

Files and Formatting

What is the .int file?

The INT (.int) file is required at the preliminary stage. It must be in either JPG or TIF format. This is the proof that the Notice of Intent was submitted to the Counties, Municipal Districts, Municipality and Improvement District.

What files are required for a Preliminary application?

Required files for digital submission at preliminary stage include:

  • DET file (Details file)
  • GFR (all crown land programs, excluding special areas)
  • GIS files (ArcView, Mapinfo, RDS)
  • IMG file (Image file)
  • INT file (Letter of intent)
  • PNT (Facility information, if available)

Application fees and status

Who do I contact for application fees and method of payment inquiries?

Direct concerns and inquiries to:

  • Yasmin Suleman
    Team Lead,
    Quality Assurance
    Department of Energy
    Phone: 780-422-5860

Who do I contact for application status/updates when once my submission has been successfully validated?

To inquire about application status or updates, contact:

  • Industrial/Geophysical & Gravel Unit
    Phone: 310-LAND (5263)

It has been more than an hour, and I still have not received a response from ADEPT regarding my submission.

We highly recommend that your email software delivery receipt option be turned on. If no confirmation has been received within an hour, contact:

  • Business Operations Unit
    Phone: 310-LAND (5263)


I submitted an application and received a Technical Difficulty response from ADEPT. What does this mean?

When the ADEPT loader experiences system problems, a Technical Difficulty email is sent to the submitter. The email subject line contains the words "Technical Difficulty".

To find out what issues where encountered when the loader processed your submission refer to the common issues questions or contact:

  • Business Operations Unit
    Phone: 310-LAND (5263)

What are some of the common issues with the details file (.det)?

For a list of troubleshooting responses to errors within the ADEPT details file (.det), see:

What are some of the common issues with FME Validations (Spatial Information)?

For a list of troubleshooting responses to errors with ADEPT FME Validations, see:

Who should I contact for submission errors that I don't understand?

For assistance or technical support with submission errors or issues, contact: