Benchmark Retrieval System

This online map-based tool helps you locate permanent natural or artificial objects on Alberta lands.


Since 1968, the Alberta government has installed benchmarks to support its water resource management activities. A benchmark is a relatively permanent object, natural or artificial, whose geodetic elevation is known. Benchmark data consists of surveyed elevations and the name of the benchmark.


This online map-based tool uses Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to display the elevation and location of benchmarks down to the street or property level.

Using the Benchmark Retrieval System, you can search for benchmarks by:

  • postal code
  • lot block plan
  • legal land description
  • benchmark name (for example, 89-C-041)

To determine the exact field location of a benchmark, use the description on the PDF file.

Getting started

Go to Benchmark Retrieval System

Site limitations

  • all benchmark locations are calculated to the centre of a quarter-section based on the Alberta Township Survey
  • while the Alberta government owns these benchmarks, it cannot guarantee that they have not been disturbed or destroyed

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