Alberta’s K to 12 education system

How Alberta’s school system works, school locations, and administrative planning, reporting and funding.

Services and information

  • Contacts and information about Alberta Schools and Authorities.
  • Learn about class size funding and calculation, and view class size averages.
  • Provides funding for more teachers, support staff, and programs to help students with complex needs.
  • Acts and regulations that set out the goals, roles and responsibilities of Alberta’s education system.
  • Educational options in Alberta include public and separate schools, charter schools, private schools, home education and online learning.
  • Performance data, accountability, and provincial stakeholder satisfaction surveys.
  • Additional direction to educators and school authorities to ensure that students receive a high quality education.
  • Alberta’s participation in large-scale education studies and other efforts to support the development of education policy and practice.
  • Key information and requirements to operate and deliver early childhood through Grade 12 education in Alberta.
  • Education budget details, funding manuals and financial statements.
  • An overview of the maps Alberta Education maintains of Alberta school jurisdictions, including provincial maps, and maps organized by school jurisdiction and by municipality.
  • Alberta's student population.