Services outside of Alberta covered by AHCIP

Learn about health care coverage outside the province and how to submit claims.


Your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage can be used across Canada, but there are limits on what is covered. Not all health services available to you in Alberta are covered by AHCIP outside of Alberta.

  • You should have additional travel or medical insurance when you leave Alberta.
  • Emergency medical care and transportation can be expensive.

Always carry your AHCIP personal health card, especially when in another province or territory in Canada. You must show your card if you need insured physician and hospital services in another province. If you cannot provide your personal health card, you may be billed for the cost of the health services provided.

In focus

Contact AHCIP if you are absent from Alberta for more than 6 months total in a year.

Find out what health care services are covered by AHCIP in other provinces or territories.

Before you go, learn what health care services are covered by AHCIP outside of Canada.


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