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Unprocessed honey as pure as nature intended.

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Pure Raw Canadian Honey


Certifications: Allergen free, Dairy free, Gluten free

Current export markets: United States, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands

At the Greidanus Honey Mill we produce our unprocessed honey to be as pure as nature intended. Without blending or pasteurizing our honey, we have maintained all the naturally occurring nutrients to ensure you are receiving nature’s healthiest sweetener. We collect all our honey in hives located in the clover-rich prairies of Southern Alberta, known to produce some of the world’s finest honey.

We are a Canadian Food Inspection Agency licensed and inspected farm.

We are also True Source Certified®, which means all our honey is ethically and transparently sourced.

Our honey is packed in new food grade drums.

Our family farm is a second generation farm that has been operating since 1973.

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Contact: Graham Strom
Phone: +1-403-336-3854
Email: [email protected]

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