Harmony Beef Company Ltd.

Family-owned and operated boxed beef processor dedicated to food quality, safety and servicing its customers.

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Premium Boxed Beef Products

Meat and game

Certifications: HACCP, Halal

Current export markets: Japan, Hong Kong, United States, Mexico, South Korea

Planned export markets: Asia, Middle East

Harmony Beef is a family-owned and operated Canadian company. The plant was established in 2016. Harmony Beef is a state-of-the-art harvest and fabrication facility dedicated to food quality, safety and servicing our customers. The company is a quality driven processor of a wide range of boxed beef products and will market its product under its own HB label and private brands for food service, retail and further processors. The company supports a complete world-class food safety supply chain system including monitoring by CCIA, CFIA, CBGA and the accreditation of an accelerated HACCP program. Harmony Beef has invested in world renowned food safety program ensuring consistency, good manufacturing processes and quality control across all links in the production process.

From the ranch to the feedlot to the harvest and transformation of the animals all quality and food safety aspects are respected. Daily testing, audits and regular updates of our Safe Quality Food Guidelines, combined with thorough checks and inspections of raw materials, live animals and carcasses guarantee the quality and safety of our end products at Harmony Beef, our customer’s success is our number one priority. Our sales and marketing team has the expertise to efficiently fulfill customer requests.

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