Agriculture and Food Export Catalogue – Add a product listing

Alberta agriculture and agri-food sellers can apply for a product listing in the catalogue to connect with international buyers.

The Export Catalogue is now available in this online version only. It will be updated throughout the year and no longer published in PDF or print versions.

About the catalogue

Alberta government connects international importers, distributors and buyers located outside Canada – with sellers in our agriculture and agri-food industries. The online catalogue featuring Alberta Agriculture and Agri-food Products and Services exported internationally is accessed by trade commissioners around the world, Alberta trade offices, and international buyers. Find out more about the catalogue.


Final approval of all listings is subject to review and approval of Manager, Export Development Unit. Companies that are not accepted can re-apply in the future as their business continues to become more established and they expand on their export journey.

Eligible products

Alberta agriculture and agri-food suppliers and processors who are exporting or pursuing export opportunities can list their products for free in the Export Catalogue. Products listed range from food and health products to agricultural products and services including equipment and supplies, animal feed, livestock, genetic material and fertilizers.

Non-eligible products

  • at this time, we are not including Cannabis listings (flower, food, or drink products)

Eligible companies

  • must have the capacity to supply an international order
  • should have an established and relevant website, along with corresponding, appropriate social media accounts for clients to access more information and validate authenticity

Food companies

  • companies must produce, process or manufacture food products in Alberta
  • if not currently exporting, food companies should be selling in retail or food service in Alberta and at least one other province

Non-food companies

  • non-food companies must be active exporters

Add a new listing

Thank you in advance for your interest in listing in the Export Catalogue. To profile your product and company information in the catalogue:

Step 1. Choose and complete a new listing form: Food or Non-food

Step 2. Send application to [email protected]

Renew your company listing

All companies listed in the Export Catalogue are contacted annually for renewal. To submit changes to your current listing:

Step 1. Complete the Renew your company listing form

Step 2. Send your renewal form to [email protected]


For questions about the catalogue, email: [email protected]

For market specific inquires contact an Alberta government trade development officer