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100% Canadian honey prized for its colour, silky smooth texture and delicious taste.

Good Morning Honey Products

Organic Honey, Beeswax, Bee Pollen, Honeycomb


Certifications: Organic, Allergen free, Dairy free, Gluten free

Current export markets: United States, Japan

Planned export markets: South Korea, China

Good Morning Honey Ltd. produces 100% Canadian honey. Our protocols ensure the safest, most pure honey is gently removed from the beehives by hand then harvested and packaged in our extraction facility. The honey is not pasteurized, letting it remain in its raw, natural form - just as the bees made it.

Our record keeping provides traceability of the honey from the hive to you. Good Morning Honey is available in new drums (approximately 290 kg each) as well as prepackaged in smaller containers.

Our apiaries cover a diverse area of natural prairie land and farms near Edmonton, Alberta. Our family-owned company is proud to produce some of the world’s finest raw and organic honey enjoyed by many across North America, as well as Asia and Europe. Our honey is prized for its colour, silky smooth texture and delicious taste. The northern Canadian climate and long summer days offer the bees the chance to forage on a wide variety of wild flowers along with clover, alfalfa and canola. Good Morning Honey is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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