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Chopstick Donuts

Asian Bakery Products

Baked goods and pasta

Certifications: HACCP, Kosher, Non-GMO

Current export markets: United States

Planned export markets: China, South East Asia

Golden Happiness Bakery is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1987. Originally, Golden Happiness started as a retail bakery in the heart of Calgary’s Chinatown. Today, Golden Happiness is a manufacturer of a range of frozen Asian and Western food products. Their products are supplied to many grocery chains and food service establishments across Canada and the United States.

Golden Happiness offers a variety of frozen products including baked buns, steamed buns, spring rolls, dumplings, croquettes and their well-known Chinese long donut. The Chinese long donut is a versatile product consumed by many Asian communities world-wide. Golden Happiness has developed this product to be consumed as convenience food that is easily reheated while still maintaining the taste and texture of freshness.

Golden Happiness Bakery takes pride in their product quality and has achieved the Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (GMP). The company believes that high quality inputs is the first step to creating a high quality product.

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