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The Workers’ Memorial Grant is a one-time, non-competitive grant program that helps organizations create physical memorials to honour workers who died due to a workplace incident, illness or injury.

The memorial must be a physical structure such as a statue, plaque, garden, mural or commissioned piece of art.

Application deadline

The application period for this grant program is now closed. No further applications are being accepted.


There is up to $10,000 in matching funding for each applicant. There was up to $300,000 available for the grant program in 2022-23.


Grants are available to:

  • non-profit or public sector organizations (excluding federal and provincial governments) that operate in Alberta
  • create a physical memorial dedicated to workers associated with the applicant organization who died as a result of their work

An organization can only receive one grant through the program and may submit only one application to the program for consideration.

How to apply

The application period for this grant program is now closed. No further applications are being accepted.


When the project is complete, grant recipients will need to submit a final report. Supporting documents for donated labour, equipment and materials must be maintained and included with the project’s final report for accounting purposes.

The program office will communicate the type of supporting documentation that is required when the signed copy of the grant agreement is provided.

Examples of supporting documentation that may be requested include:

  • volunteer sign-in sheets for the project including date, name, signature, nature of work provided, number of hours worked, rate per hour and total value
  • donation letters on business letterhead or invoices clearly indicating the fair market value of the professional services or materials that have been donated by the business

Grant recipients

  • Health Sciences Association of Alberta received $10,000 to create a stone monument dedicated to their members that have lost their lives on the job while providing services to Albertans.
  • Drayton Valley/Brazeau County Fire Services received $10,000 to develop a Firefighter Memorial Park to pay tribute to the loss of their members and to agency personnel and provide a place for local fire service members to recognize this sacrifice.


Connect with the Workers’ Memorial Grant program:
Email: [email protected]