An inspection technician licence is valid for 5 years and allows a technician to complete commercial, out of province and salvage vehicle inspections.


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Technicians Licence Application (PDF, 328 KB)

PDF applications should be completed and signed digitally to ensure accurate and efficient processing. Completed applications must be emailed to [email protected].

Technician licence requirements

  • Journeyman certificates

    We work with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training to determine what journeyman qualifications are acceptable when completing particular inspections.

    After submitting your application, email or fax us legible copies of your journeyman certificate(s).

    If you are a renewing technician, we will have copies of your journeyman certificate(s) on file. If we are unable to locate a copy of your journeyman certificate, a Vehicle Inspection Program Analyst will contact you for additional information.

    The general guidelines on the program or vehicle types and the journeyman qualifications required are:

    • Auto Body Technician – Salvage inspections (structural portion) only.
    • Automotive Service Technician – Commercial and out of province inspections on most vehicle types. Cannot inspect vehicles with air brakes.
    • Heavy Equipment Technician – Commercial and out of province inspections on most vehicle types. Cannot complete out of province inspections for automotive vehicle type.
    • Transport Trailer Mechanic – Commercial inspections on trailers only.
    • Truck and Transport Mechanic – Commercial and out of province inspections on most vehicle types. Cannot complete out of province inspections for automotive vehicle type.
    • Motorcycle Mechanic – Out of province and salvage inspections on motorcycles only.

    Alberta Transportation requires copies of journeyman tickets for all inspection technicians. Letters of completion or transcripts will not be accepted.

    Heavy equipment program

    Once you successfully complete the first year of the heavy equipment program plus 3,300 hours on the job training, you can apply for a commercial inspection licence to inspect trailers.

    Instead of the journeyman certificate, we require a letter from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training indicating you have met the previously mentioned qualifications.

    Once you complete the online technician application form, contact your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office to have them forward your qualifications.

    Certificates from outside Alberta

    A journeyman certificate from outside Alberta will be accepted if Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training lists it as a recognized credential.

    If your journeyman certificate is not listed, contact your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office.

  • Criminal record checks

    All new and renewing inspection technicians are required to submit a criminal record check dated within the past 90 days to Alberta Transportation. Criminal record checks can be obtained through your local RCMP detachment or by contacting Sterling Backcheck.

    If a criminal record check has anything other than ‘Clear’ or ‘Negative’, we require a detailed list of all criminal convictions on the technician’s record. This detailed list can only be obtained from the RCMP or local law enforcement. Fingerprints will likely be taken and sent away for verification. This process can take a number of weeks to complete.

    Apply for your criminal record check as soon as possible to ensure there is no interruption with you technician licence. A technician licence will not be issued until Alberta Transportation has received a complete criminal record check.


    We partner with Sterling BackCheck to reduce the cost of a criminal record check. Access Sterling BackCheck using the appropriate link below:

    If you are obtaining a criminal record check through Sterling BackCheck, ensure you ‘share’ your results with Alberta Transportation.

    Criminal convictions

    We review all criminal convictions within the past 10 years. If there are criminal convictions older than 10 years, they will be reviewed but will not affect the technician's ability to obtain an inspection technician licence.

    Certain criminal convictions that have occurred within the past 10 years may affect a technician's ability to obtain an inspection technician licence. These convictions may include, but are not limited to:

    • assault
    • failure to comply
    • fraud
    • mischief
    • theft

    If a criminal record check is submitted with these types of convictions, additional information will be obtained from the technician regarding the charges before a decision is made about whether or not an inspection technician licence can be issued.

    If you have questions about specific convictions or charges, email the Licensing Team Lead of the Vehicle Inspection Program.

  • Technician manuals

    Vehicle inspections manuals provide technicians with one source guidance on regulatory requirements of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR211/206), the manner in which to conduct a vehicle inspection, and how to issue a vehicle inspection record of inspection and certificate.

    There are 3 different technician manuals in the Vehicle Inspection Program. A technician can have 1, 2 or all 3:

    • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Manual
    • Automotive and Light Truck Vehicle Inspection Manual
    • Motorcycle Inspection Manual

    Technicians must prove to a Vehicle Safety Investigator how they can access the appropriate vehicle inspection manual while they complete an inspection.

    A technician that fails to comply with the vehicle inspection manuals may be subject to discipline, such as licence suspension, administrative penalty (fine), or revocation of the technician licence.

    Technicians can either print out a copy of the manual or save an electronic copy. Printed copies are available for purchase from Rileys.


Connect with the Vehicle Inspection Program:

Phone: 780-427-8901
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

Vehicle Inspection Program
Room 109
Main Floor, Twin Atria Building
4999 98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T6B 2X3

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