An inspection facility licence is valid for 2 years and allows a facility to complete commercial, out of province, or salvage vehicle inspections.


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Inspection Facility Application (PDF, 549 KB)

PDF applications should be completed and signed digitally to ensure accurate and efficient processing. Completed applications must be emailed to [email protected].

Types of inspection facilities

There are 3 types of inspection facilities:

  1. Carrier Open – authorized to inspect vehicles owned by any company or person.
  2. Carrier Limited – authorized to only inspect vehicles registered in the name of the inspection facility.
  3. Non-Carrier – authorized to inspect vehicles registered to other corporations or individuals.

Facility licence requirements

There are numerous requirements relating to the premises and equipment for the operation of a facility.

The facility must be equipped as required under the schedule in the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR 211/2006) for the types of vehicles your facility will be licensed to inspect.

  • Facility Operating Manual

    The purpose of the Facility Operating Manual (FOM) provides facilities with one source guidance for:

    • regulatory requirements of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR 211/2006)
    • how to conduct a vehicle inspection
    • issuing a vehicle inspection record of inspection and certificate

    A facility that fails to comply with the FOM may be subject to discipline, such as licence suspension, administrative penalty (fine) or revocation of the facility licence.

    All facilities completing inspections in the Vehicle Inspection Program are required to obtain and follow the FOM. It is available for download on the Vehicle Inspection Program – Manuals page.

  • Facility audits

    All new and renewing inspection facilities, or facilities that have moved, are required to pass a facility audit. Once you submit your facility application, we will request confirmation of a facility’s readiness for an audit prior to adding them to the audit rotation.

    Audits are not scheduled and may occur at any time during our regular business hours of 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Facility audits typically occur within 90 days of being added to the audit rotation, depending on the applicant’s location.

    The Facility Operating Manual, the equipment list (PDF, 49 KB) and the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR 211/206) outline the requirements for equipment and premises that a Vehicle Safety Investigator will verify during the audit. To prepare for the audit, ensure you comply with the requirements and have all records ready.

    Once you pass a facility audit, it takes 3 to 5 business days to process and issue an inspection facility licence. The inspection licence is emailed to the primary facility contact listed with Alberta Transportation upon completion.

  • AMVIC licence

    All facilities completing inspections on vehicles not registered to their company are required to display a licence from the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC). Facilities that are ‘Carrier Limited’ or facilities inspecting only trailers or motorcycles are not required to have an AMVIC licence for the purpose of the vehicle inspection.

    Carrier Open or facilities inspecting vehicles not owned by the owning company require a Garage Licence for Commercial, Salvage and Out of Province Inspections.

    Salvage Inspections require an Autobody Licence in addition to a Garage Licence. More information on types of AMVIC Licences can be found at Automotive repair activities – AMVIC.

    Application forms for this licence are available on the AMVIC website. For additional information, contact AMVIC directly at [email protected] or by calling 1-877-979-8100.

    If your AMVIC licence is expired, suspended, or revoked, report this immediately to us and stop performing vehicle inspections or issuing certificates under the Vehicle Inspection Program.

Facility licence

The facility must display the licence and posted shop rates, if applicable, where it is visible to the public. If requested, the facility must provide a copy of the terms and conditions of the licence to the public.

Licensed inspection facilities are required to maintain the necessary tools and documentation as outlined in the Vehicle Inspection Regulation and Facility Operating Manual at all times.

Facilities that are not in compliance will be subject to discipline, such as licence suspension or administrative penalty (fine). For more information on our progressive discipline policy, refer to our Progressive Discipline Program or Vehicle safety, compliance and oversight.

  • Facility location

    A facility licence is issued for a particular location. If you move your facility to another location, you will need to complete a facility upgrade application. Ensure you change the address within the application.

    If you expand your facility in its current location, you do not need a new facility licence as the current one will remain in effect.

    If you move the shop within the existing premises where you conduct inspections, a new facility licence is not required. You can commence the inspection of vehicles under the Vehicle Inspection Program in the new space.

  • Replacement licence

    If the facility licence is missing, damaged, or destroyed, report it to us by email at [email protected] and request a reprint. Once you have received a replacement, cut up the original and display the new one.

  • Licence transfer

    A facility licence is not transferable. If you sell, lease or dispose of your facility to another person or corporation, you cannot transfer the facility licence to the other person or corporation.

  • Sample service agreements


Connect with the Vehicle Inspection Program:

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