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Consult the topics below to find solutions to common problems you may encounter when participating in the Vaccine Incentive Debit Card incentive program.

  • The portal won’t recognize my mailing address as correct

    Carefully review the address that you provided and ensure it is correct. If it is correct, you can submit your registration without clearing the address warning.

  • I don’t have a telephone number

    If you don’t have a phone number, you can enter 587-111-1111 to proceed with your registration.

  • My information wasn't accepted

    You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for this program. If you are over 18 and your birthdate was not accepted when you were filling out the entry form, make sure your birthday and date of immunization are entered correctly and try again.

    If your postal code was not accepted, make sure it meets the required formatting and try again.

    • Don't use a hyphen when entering your postal code (T1A-1A1).
    • The system will accept postal codes with spaces and with no space (T1A 1A1, T1A1A1).
  • I can't submit my entry after fully filling out the form

    If you are unable to submit your lottery entry, even after fully filling out the form, try refreshing the page and filling it out again.

    Check the information in your form to make sure it matches the formats specified on the webpage.

    If you are still unable to submit your entry, try clearing your browser's cache or use a different browser or device. Learn how to clear your cache:

  • The form says I’ve already submitted an entry

    Each individual is only able to submit one entry into the $100 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program.

    Read the rules of the incentive program to learn more.

  • My debit card hasn’t arrived yet

    • Cards have now been distributed by CIBC, with a limited number still being processed for mailing. CIBC will continue to work with Albertans who may not have received or misplaced their cards.
    • If you received an email from “$100 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program” that your card has shipped and it has not arrived, contact CIBC directly at 1-800-482-8347 to confirm your address and have a new card re-issued. Let them know that you are waiting to receive a card from the Alberta government for the COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program.
    • If no email has been received, or CIBC is not able to assist, Albertans can contact [email protected] or call 310-0000 for assistance.
  • Why we require name, birthdate and gender to match Alberta Personal Health Cards

    We will use your name, birthdate and gender to validate that you received your first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine between September 3 and October 14, 2021. You must consent to this use of your health information in the acknowledgement form before you are able to submit your registration.

  • How we validate registrations

    Registrations will be compared to Alberta Health’s immunization data submitted by immunization providers across the province. Your name, birthdate, gender and date of immunization on the incentive program portal must match our data for your registration to be eligible.

  • Notifying unsuccessful registrants

    Alberta Health will send emails to unsuccessful registrants in late October/early November.

    Any communication about the $100 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program will come from an "" email address.

  • I registered for the program but no longer want to participate

    If you registered for the $100 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program but no longer wish to participate, you may revoke consent for your health information to be used for the purpose of entering.

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