Services and information

Transportation and Economic Corridors FTP website for shared data.

Clarifications or supplemental information for consulting engineering services provided during the project design and tendering phases.

Guideline and form to submit exceptions to currently published government standards and/or practices, and summaries of current exceptions.

Environmental procedures and regulations related to Alberta highway and water management infrastructure projects.

Reports prepared for consultants undertaking pavement designs for government.

Standard plates, design guides and quality assurance testing guidelines.

Design manuals, geohazard risk management assessment reports and other resources for roads and bridges.

Horizontal control and benchmark data for transportation projects in Alberta.

Download annual International Roughness Index (IRI) data.

Online design manuals and guidelines for road construction in Alberta.

Information for construction companies and consultants working on Alberta highway projects.

A municipality may require dedication of a service road by caveat when a landowner subdivides land next to a provincial highway.

Guidelines and resources for traffic control standards in Alberta.

Submissions to the federal government on transportation policy-related matters that impact Alberta’s transportation sector.

Construction materials from manufacturers and suppliers that are used to build roads and bridges in Alberta.

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