Road construction resources

Information for construction companies and consultants working on Alberta highway projects.


Private companies carry out construction activities on Alberta’s highways and our consultant oversees the work to ensure it meets high standards.

If you are engaged in construction activities on behalf of the department, you will be interested in the information below. Just click the links.


Construction bulletins – Updated information to provide guidance on contract administration issues related to highway construction.

Design bulletins – Updated information related to various roadway designs standards (geometric, surfacing, materials, illumination, and more).

Construction contract templates – Link to various contract and specification documents.

Land Acquisition for Highway Construction – Information Brochure

Manual for Inspection and Testing Portable Weigh Scales – Document describing weigh scales used for measuring construction.

Partnering and the dispute resolution process – Documents used to work with our construction business partners.

Quality assurance testing and reporting – Documents, manuals, report forms and the listing of pre-qualified firms related to the testing of highway pavement materials.

Segregation Rating Manual – Document defining the various types of pavement segregation along with standard photographs to assist field staff in undertaking these inspections.