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Trades and professions

Certification, licensing and accreditation for child care staff, teachers, land agents and other occupations.

Services and information

Child care staff must be certified before they can work in a licensed day care, out-of-school care or pre-school program in Alberta.

If you have a concern about a person or business that provides security, locksmith or investigation services, you can file a complaint.

A person must be a licensed land agent to negotiate with a landowner for certain surface or right of way agreements in Alberta.

Accreditation and certification exams for registry agents and Registries Online Subscribers, including registry agent eLearning.

The Alberta government delegates self-governing responsibilities to certain professions to protect the public interest.

The Trades Qualifier Program provides experienced tradespeople with an opportunity to obtain an Alberta trade certificate.

Find out if you can use an out-of-province trade credential or certificate to work in Alberta without further training or an examination.

Apply for licences for security, locksmith and investigative professionals and businesses, and body armour permits.

Learn about the teaching profession and how to become a certificated teacher in Alberta.