You need a recognized credential to work in a designated trade in Alberta. Before you apply for or accept a job in Alberta, make sure your credential meets provincial standards. Your credential may not be recognized if you earned it in a different:

  • province
  • territory
  • country
  • regulatory authority

If your credential is not recognized in Alberta, to become certified in your trade you may either:

You cannot perform restricted activities within a trade without certification. Alberta restricts certain activities within a designated trade, under the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act, to ensure the registered apprentice or qualified tradesperson has the authority to perform the activity.

This ensures the safety of:

  • the tradesperson performing the activity,
  • their colleagues on the worksite, and
  • the consumers of the service or product they are working on.

If you’re currently an apprentice in another province, learn how apprenticeship training in Canada can be transferred between provinces through the Apprentice Mobility Protocol.

Recognized trade credentials

The Interprovincial Red Seal is a recognized standard of skill and competency across Canada. If you have a trade certificate with a Red Seal you can work anywhere in Canada with no further training or exams.

Alberta also recognizes certain non-Alberta trade certificates as equivalent to Alberta journeyperson certification. These certificates may be issued by:

  • other Canadian provinces or territories,
  • jurisdictions outside of Canada, or
  • the Department of National Defense – Canada

Find out if your trade credential is recognized in Alberta.

Trades qualifier

If you have a recognized trade certificate and you would like to get an Alberta journeyperson certificate, you can apply to the Trades Qualifier – Recognized Credential program. You will be required to pass a theory exam and, for some trades, a practical exam.

If your trade certificate is not recognized in Alberta, you can apply to the Trades Qualifier – Work Experience program. If Alberta can verify that you have completed the required hours of work experience in the trade, you will be eligible to attempt a theory exam and, in some trades, a practical exam. If you pass your exams, you will receive an Alberta journeyperson certificate.


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