Student exchange programs

Alberta Education’s student exchange programs expose students to new cultures, languages, friends, and education systems. We offer 2 types of student exchange programs:

  • a language and culture exchange to Germany, Japan, Mexico, Quebec, and Spain
  • an exchange with an Alberta Accredited International School (the International School of Macau, Macau - program currently on hold)

On-line Information Session - Student Exchange Programs to Germany, Japan, Mexico, Quebec and Spain

Date:  Feb 27, 2020

Time:  6 pm to 8 pm

Meeting Schedule:

6 pm to 6:45 pm - Presentation on Alberta Education’s language-based student exchange programs for high school students

6:45 pm to 8 pm - Question and answer session about exchange programs led by Alberta Education’s International Exchange Coordinator

Any prospective students, parents or language teachers interested in learning more about these programs are encouraged to join!

Link to Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID:  590 242 468

Student Exchange Programs 2020/21 application forms

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2020.

Promotional material

The following brochures provide an overview of each Alberta Education’s student exchange program. A poster is also available for schools to use to promote the programs to their students.

Liaison teachers

Liaison teachers play an integral role in the success of Alberta Education’s student exchange programs. Find out more about this professional development opportunity by reading the Liaison Teacher Guidelines (PDF, 202 KB).

Other reciprocal exchanges

Students can participate in an organized reciprocal student exchange program similar to Alberta Education's student exchange programs. They can arrange these exchanges privately through an organization or on their own through an agreement with friends or family.

A one-to-one reciprocal student exchange involves 2 students who either:

  1. switch places and study at one another’s schools
  2. study together in an Alberta school district and then in the exchange school for equal periods of time

Students who are participating in an exchange that is not an Alberta Education exchange program must complete a Reciprocal Student Exchange Approval Form (PDF, 44 KB) before they leave for their exchange (instructions for completing the form (PDF, 498 KB)). The form is only needed if the exchange is one year long.

For more information on other exchange programs available to youth in Canada, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

Educator exchange programs

Alberta Education and the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) offer a number of professional development opportunities for teachers and school administrators under the educator exchange programs. These programs provide Alberta educators with the opportunity to work about abroad while learning about a new culture and new education system, and learning new teaching pedagogies.


Benefits of an exchange include:

  • a better understanding of other cultures
  • enhanced language skills
  • exposure to different education systems and assessment methods
  • building an international network
  • developing new pedagogy ideas
  • bringing international perspectives to classrooms and schools

Short- and long-term exchanges

There are 2 types of educator exchange programs:

Short-term exchanges

  • Short-term exchanges brochure (PDF, 985 KB)
  • 1 to 2 weeks job shadow experience
  • available to teachers and administrators
  • available in Australia, Iceland (administrators only), South Korea (pilot for special education teachers), Canada (Alberta), Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom

Long-term exchanges

  • Year-long exchanges brochure (PDF, 603 KB)
  • full-year exchanges that occur in a calendar year (January to January) or a school year (July to July)
  • available to teachers
  • available in Australia, Canada (other provinces), Germany, and the United Kingdom

Learn more and apply

For more information on the Educator Exchange Programs and how to apply, visit the Alberta Teachers’ Association website.


Student Exchange Programs

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Educator Exchange Programs

Connect with the Educator Exchange Programs:

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Educator Exchange Programs
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