Steer axle or annual overweight permit applications

Records that must be completed to get a permit to exceed regulated weight allowances.


We permit the movement of vehicles equipped with permanently mounted equipment exceeding regulated weights as per Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002.

To obtain an annual permit the vehicle must:

  • meet the permit qualification requirements to exceed the regulated weight allowances
  • complete an application form


  • some vehicles may need to obtain a weigh scale ticket from a certified scale

Application forms

Click on one of the links below to obtain a copy of the application form that pertains to your type of vehicle.

Email the completed form to the Central Permit Office at [email protected].

Vehicles requiring steer permits must obtain a weigh scale ticket from a certified scale then submit it to the Central Permit Office. Once an application form is received, a 30 day temporary permit may be issued to allow carriers time to obtain a weigh scale ticket.


Connect with the Central Permit Office:

Toll free: 1-800-662-7138
Phone: 403-342-7138
Email: [email protected]