Specialized criminal justice navigator grant

Apply for a grant to fund specialized criminal justice navigators who support victims of crime involved with the criminal justice system.


Grant application deadline: October 15, 2023

Specialized Criminal Justice Navigator (SCJN) grants will fund positions to help guide victims of crime through the criminal justice system. SCJN grants are available to eligible, Alberta-based organizations that provide specialized support to either:

  • victims of specific types of crime
  • victims needing extra support

Programs must ensure victim support is:

  • victim centric
  • culturally appropriate
  • trauma informed

Programs must also:

  • work collaboratively within a network of victim-serving organizations
  • enhance availability of services

SCJN grant funding

All grant terms begin on April 1, 2024.

Programs can apply for funding for up to 2 years. (Example: April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2026)


Applicants must be a not-for-profit organization located in Alberta which are:

  • registered in Alberta and in good standing
  • currently offering programs and services to benefit victims of crime while they are involved with Alberta’s criminal justice system

Not eligible

The following are ineligible for grants:

  • individuals
  • lobby groups
  • municipalities
  • for-profit organizations
  • schools or school boards
  • funding agencies or other funders
  • organizations providing services outside Alberta
  • publicly funded institutions or crown corporations
  • police services or police-based victim serving organizations
  • new organizations seeking start-up or capacity-building funding

How to apply

Grant application deadline: October 15, 2023

Step 1. Read the guidelines

Step 2. Complete the application package

Step 3. Gather the required documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation from Alberta Corporate Registries
  • board member contact list
  • professionally prepared financial statements – recent, approved and signed
  • at least 2 letters of support from partners in the criminal justice system, such as:
    • your local police service
    • a crown prosecutor
    • a local victim services organization
    • a victim serving organization

Step 4. Submit the application package

Submit the application and all required documents by email to [email protected].

After you apply

You might be contacted for more information or clarification.

You will be notified by email about the outcome of your application:

  • All decisions are final.
  • No appeals will be considered.

Reporting requirements

Organizations with successful grant applications enter into a grant agreement. Part of the agreement includes reporting throughout the grant term:

  • quarterly reports
  • annual reports

Quarterly reports

Reporting templates will be provided.

Reports are due on the 15th of each month after each quarter ends:

  • January to March – due April 15
  • April to June – due July 15
  • July to September – due October 15
  • October to December – due January 15

Annual report

Reporting templates will be provided.

Annual reports must include these documents:

  • financial statements
  • actuals financial report
  • annual report or annual general meeting minutes (if applicable)
  • updated board member list (if applicable)


Connect with Victims Programs and Initiatives:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Email: [email protected]