Special Investigations Unit

Maintains the integrity and security of Alberta government systems, programs and businesses through criminal and regulatory investigation.


The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a Level II provincial law enforcement agency in the Audit and Investigation Branch of Service Alberta.

The SIU includes multiple sub-units:

  • General Investigations

    • Investigates any criminal or regulatory matters regarding the Alberta registry network.
  • Forensic Face and Document Team

    • Conducts provincial laboratory examination of documents.
    • Administers the Alberta Facial Recognition and Alberta Graduated Driver Licensing Exemption programs.
  • Law Enforcement Assist Team

    • Assists law enforcement agencies as required.
  • Land Titles Investigations

    • Investigates fraud related offences against the land title registration system.
  • Health Investigations Unit (HIU)

    • Ensures public accountability of health professionals by conducting thorough and impartial investigations.
    • Conducts criminal investigations into fraudulent physician claims.
  • Advanced Education Special Investigations (AESI)

    • Investigates alleged criminal code offences connected to violations focused primarily on Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training and Alberta Student Aid.
    • Investigations may occur when an individual misrepresents themselves to be qualified as a designated trade to gain employment, or when a person assumes the identity of another person to obtain funding fraudulently.


The SIU protects Albertans by maintaining the integrity and security of Government of Alberta systems, programs and businesses through criminal and regulatory investigation.



The SIU protects the integrity of the registry agent network by maintaining the security of the personal information of every Albertan, through investigation and prosecution of fraudulent activity. It does this by providing investigative services for the 5 registries of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Vital Statistics
  • Land Titles
  • Personal Property
  • Corporate Registry

In addition, SIU provides investigation and law enforcement support to the Ministries of Transportation, Alberta Health, Advanced Education, Justice and a variety of other law enforcement agencies.

The SIU supports these core Government of Alberta programs:

  • Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Exemption Program
  • Facial Recognition Program
  • Health Fraud Investigations
  • Student Aid Fraud Investigations
  • Apprenticeship and Industry Training-related Investigations
  • Transportation-related Investigations
  • Land Title Fraud Investigations
  • Registry Agent-related Investigations
  • Court Certificate Production
  • Vehicle Theft Program
  • Fine Recovery Program


Connect with the Special Investigations Unit:
Email: [email protected] (Northern Alberta)
Email: [email protected] (Southern Alberta)
Email: [email protected] (Health Investigations Unit)
Email: [email protected] (Advanced Education Special Investigations)