Slow moving vehicles

Tips and reminders for driving or sharing the road with slow-moving vehicles.

Driving a slow-moving vehicle

If you are on the highway and must drive under the speed limit:

  • move to the right lane when it is safe to do so
  • drive as close to the right curb or edge of the roadway as possible
  • pull over to allow traffic to pass if road and shoulder conditions are safe
  • avoid overtaking or passing other vehicles
  • be cautious when turning left at an intersection or into a driveway
  • if a traffic control device directs slow moving traffic to use a specific lane, drive only in that lane

Sharing the road

If you come upon a slow-moving vehicle on the road:

  • watch for vehicles marked with a slow-moving vehicle sign (orange triangle with a red border)
  • be especially cautious during planting and harvesting seasons when farm equipment may be on the highway
  • do not drive in blind spots, and keep far enough back for the driver to see you
  • be patient; the driver will pull over to let you pass if safe to do so
  • if the driver does not pull over, the driver is likely not travelling a great distance
  • do not pass unless it is safe to do so
  • make sure the driver of the slow-moving vehicle is aware you intend to pass