Selling and buying pesticides – Domestic vendors wholesale/retail

Anyone in Alberta involved in wholesale or retail sales of certain domestic pesticides is subject to regulatory requirements.


In Alberta, federally classed domestic pesticides fall under Schedule 3 and 4.

There are vendor and dispenser regulatory requirements for Schedule 3 pesticides, which are products intended for lawn and garden use. There are no regulatory requirements for vendors or dispensers selling Schedule 4 pesticides.

An explanation of the Alberta pesticide schedules can be found at:

Selling domestic pesticides

Schedule 3

Anyone who sells a Schedule 3 pesticide at wholesale must hold a wholesale vendor registration.

Anyone who sells a Schedule 3 pesticide at retail must do the following at each retail outlet:

  • employ at least 1 individual holding a lawn and garden pesticide dispenser certificate (or a certified pesticide applicator)
  • ensure a dispenser or dispenser assistant is working at the outlet whenever it is open
    • When a dispenser is temporarily away from the outlet, a dispenser assistant can authorize a pesticide sale.


Lawn and garden pesticide dispenser certificates are issued by Olds College.

The certified dispenser must train all dispenser assistants working at their outlet every year. They must use the training checklist found in Appendix B of the:

More information on pesticides that can be sold can be found at:

Schedule 4

There are no vendor or dispenser requirements for selling Schedule 4 pesticides, but the vendor must ensure proper display and/or safe storage of the pesticides.

Vendors must review all product labels to ensure that they do not contain any certification statements. When a label has a certification statement, it is automatically classified as a Schedule 2 pesticide. In that situation, vendor registration is required and a dispenser must be working at the vendor outlet at all times that it is open for business.

Record-keeping requirements


Registered wholesale pesticide vendors may only sell these pesticides to retailers who employ a certified lawn and garden pesticide dispenser. A record of each Schedule 3 sale must be kept for 5 years. Each record must include:

  • name and address of purchaser
  • purchaser's wholesale or retail vendor registration or Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association (AWSA) certificate number (if applicable) and expiry date
  • name of pesticide dispenser or applicator certificate holder, certificate number and expiry date
  • product name (including the pest control products registration number) and quantity of pesticide(s) sold
  • date of sale

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas can ask for a summary of these sales records. It must be provided within 30 days of a written request by the Director.


Retail vendors who sell domestic class pesticides are not required to keep sales records.

Vendors’ responsibilities

Wholesale and retail vendors of domestic pesticides must ensure that:

  • pesticides are stored and displayed in an appropriate manner
  • pesticide emergencies are responded to effectively
  • unwanted pesticides and pesticide waste are disposed of in accordance with regulations
  • customers are assisted with product selection and product use information

Location of pesticides

Vendors selling and storing domestic pesticides are responsible for ensuring that:

  • pesticides are not stored within 30 horizontal metres of open water (unless authorized by a Special Use Approval)
  • pesticides are not stored on sites where the risk of flooding is less than a 24-hour, 1-in-25-year storm
  • pesticides kept outdoors are protected from rain, wind and other weather hazards
  • pesticides are not stored or sold where groceries (such as fresh or frozen meat or produce, fresh dairy products, unwrapped baking), food or personal use items (cosmetics, disposable diapers, drugs, first aid and medical supplies, personal hygiene products) are stored
  • the following are not subject to pesticide contamination:
    • beverages
    • food (packaged items such as cookies, nuts, candy)
    • personal use items (cosmetics, disposable diapers, drugs, first aid and medical supplies, personal hygiene products)

Pesticide displays

Vendors selling pesticides in Schedule 3 must meet the following requirements, ensuring that:

  • pesticides are not displayed where groceries (such as fresh or frozen meat or produce, fresh dairy products, unwrapped baking) are sold
  • pesticides are displayed at least 3 metres and one aisle away from food, beverages and personal use items

Spills and releases

Vendors must ensure that:

  • spill cleanup and personal protective equipment is available
  • workers responsible for pesticides are knowledgeable about spill clean-up and fire-response procedures
  • floor drains in pesticide display areas are protected from pesticide releases
  • pesticide spills that result in a release beyond the outlet (including odours) or spills that are or are likely to cause an adverse effect are reported to the Alberta government as soon as possible

For more information on pesticide release reporting requirements, see:

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For further information about vendor requirements for the sale of domestic pesticides, see:


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